As we continue to focus on the culture aspect of our teams, I would like you to read the attached article. This is from a recent Texas A&M magazine, so bear with the references to the Aggies! 😊 The article focuses on Bob Jordan’s experiences at Southwest Airlines and discusses some of the culture that is experienced there. Whether you like their airline or not, Southwest has a definite culture that they work hard to maintain.

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Do each of your team members have a personal stake in the success of Walk-Ons? If so, great job! Discuss ways to continue this emphasis. If not, what can you do to help create that desire for everyone to have a vested interest in the success of Walk-Ons?

The article talks about the “Southwest Way” as a means to emphasize the culture there. How do you emphasize the “Walk-Ons Way” every day at your restaurant? What makes the “Walk-Ons Way” special that is different from other restaurant chains? Are you emphasizing these ideals and living them out every day? How?

An interesting point is made towards the end of the article that references work/life balance. How good are you and your teams at striking a healthy work/life balance? I know this is difficult in your business, but it is a good time to discuss it with your teams and see how you are doing in this area. What is working well? What specific things can you do to improve in this area?

Again, culture is something that you either create or tolerate. It is important that you are intentional about the culture and environment you want to portray at each of your locations and keep focusing on the things that will emphasize the “Walk-Ons Way!”